Ouvrage Nominé – Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains: Innovations and Integral Approaches

Présentation ouvrage :

This book addresses the main challenges affecting modern logistics and supply chains and is organized according to five main themes: supply chain strategy and management, information and communication technology (ICT) for logistics and related business models, vertical and horizontal collaboration, intelligent hubs (e.g. ports and cities) and policy for sustainable logistics.

The key findings presented are based on both extensive research and on business cases. The book examines logistics from a comprehensive viewpoint embracing the entire supply chain. The overarching advanced logistics and supply chain concept at the heart of this book endeavors to contribute to a sustainable intelligent transport system by making it more efficient, cost-effective, safe, reliable and competitive. Specifically, the book focuses on the need for a variety of supply chain, logistics and transport options, on the potential offered by technological developments, infrastructural and organizational aspects, information flows, the financial and legal domain, harmonization and the complexity of implementation. In closing, the book presents new approaches to the coordination of sound business and governance models.

Présentation auteur :

Meng Lu. From 2011 Program Manager International at Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics. In 2009 and 2010 Visiting Professor at the National Laboratory for Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University, P.R. China. Since 2002 active in the area of ICT-based Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and logistics and supply chain. Participation in European initiatives and projects since 2005 and as Coordinator of SoCool@EU and LOG2020. Member of the Board of Governors, IEEE ITS Society; Chair of IBEC (international forum for ITS evaluation); Member of Editorial Board of IET ITS. PhD at Lund University in Sweden. Master’s degree of Engineering in The Netherlands and P.R. China.

Joost De Bock worked for the European Commission (EC) since 1992 with mission to support development of an autonomous transport research programme in the context of European Framework Programme. He serves as Scientific or Project Officer of the EC responsible for the adequate execution of EU (European Union) co-funded research projects, addressing different modes (road, rail, waterborne and intermodal), as well as other issues such as safety, production process, logistics and carbon footprint. Previously he worked at the Dutch Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands.

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